The UK is divided into 650 parliamentary constituencies that each elects one MP.

Karen Lumley is the MP for the constituency of Redditch County which contains around 90,000 people.

MPs can only deal with issues raised by their own constituents. You can check who your local MP at TheyWorkForYou.

Karen's role as an MP is to represent her constituents in Westminster, regardless of whether or not they voted for her.

Many people think that their MP can solve any problem for them but unfortunately this is not the case, although Karen will always be as helpful as she can.

MPs can help you with any matter for which Parliament or central government is responsible for, such as matters relating to:

MPs cannot help resolve private disputes with neighbours or employers, family arguments or consumer matters. MPs cannot interfere with matters of legal process including court decisions. MPs may also not be able to support one constituent if, in doing so, they will deprive another.

Karen doesn't have any control over the local or county councils and if your problem relates to a local authority matter, the first contact should be with your local councillors. You can check who your representatives are at WriteToThem.

MPs can deal with problems of constituents by:

  • Writing a letter to the relevant department or official
  • Writing to the relevant Minister

Many problems can be solved in this way. The response from the department or Minister may not always be the answer a constituent hoped for, but if the decision has been made in the correct way there may be little than an MP can do.

As mentioned above, there are around 90,000 people living in Redditch County. 4,226 individuals contacted Karen's office and were assisted by her team during 2013 - an average of 81 a week or 11 a day. 

Karen's office aims to respond to constituency correspondence within two weeks. If you have not received a substantive response in this time, please contact the office by telephone.

Helping constituents with personal problems takes priority over responding to correspondence regarding political issues and policy.

Important Message


Stepping down


Redditch has been my home for nearly 20 years and it has been a huge honour to have represented its great people for the past seven.

Sadly due to ill health I have decided not to stand for re-election. There is nothing more important or rewarding than helping people, however I need to be fully fit to be able to undertake the job properly.

I am immensely grateful to all the fantastic people I have met during my time as a Member of Parliament and want to say a huge thank you for all of their support.

Redditch deserves strong and stable leadership. Every vote for Theresa May and your local Conservative, Rachel Maclean, on 8 June will strengthen our hand in negotiations to get the best possible deal for Brexit and beyond, leaving Britain stronger and better off for the future.


Contact Details

Grosvenor House
Prospect Hill
B97 4DL

01527 591334