19 SEP 2016

Karen's Brexit thoughts on Times Red Box

Karen Lumley, Member of Parliament for Redditch County, was asked to submit an article to on-line political mouthpiece, The Times Red Box, on the subject 'What I Want From Brexit' and this was published this week.

Karen highlighted and expanded on aspects relating to sovereignty, international trade and immigration, which to her were the all-important reasons why she voted to leave the EU on 23 June.

Sovereignty: This for me is the single most important aspect of leaving the EU. Freedom. Freedom to make our own laws and a break away from the feeling that everything we do is governed from Brussels. Laws in employment, human rights, health and safely and a multitude of other areas.

Let's not pretend this is going to be easy. Untangling our laws and statutes from the EU web is going to be a long and complex process, and that's why it was a great idea that news Prime Minister Theresa May was quick off the mark to create a new Department for Exiting the European Union under the experienced hands of David Davis MP.

International Trade: There was a lot of talk before the referendum about how Brexit could damage trade with our partners. I accept the uncertainty leading up to the vote was unhelpful to many businesses, but it is my firm view that over the medium and long term, trade can only benefit from the freedom we will enjoy outside the EU. Yes, we enjoyed preferential trading terms with the other 27 countries in the partnership, but what about the other 200 countries in the world, including the USA, China, India, Australia, and emerging but potentially huge markets in South Eastern Asia and South America. They will all, in my view, be very keen to do business with UK plc.

Immigration: I have left this until last because, although for many it will have been the main reason they chose to want to leave the EU, for me it was not. I am the first to want to point out the massive benefits immigration has brought to our economy, particularly since the 1950s, but I do understand that this has all gone too far. We must be able to control our own immigration policy, however we decide to do that, and of course there is must conjecture as to how best to achieve our goals. We are a small island – generous and welcoming in nature – but we have to be able to control who comes in to join us.

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Redditch has been my home for nearly 20 years and it has been a huge honour to have represented its great people for the past seven.

Sadly due to ill health I have decided not to stand for re-election. There is nothing more important or rewarding than helping people, however I need to be fully fit to be able to undertake the job properly.

I am immensely grateful to all the fantastic people I have met during my time as a Member of Parliament and want to say a huge thank you for all of their support.

Redditch deserves strong and stable leadership. Every vote for Theresa May and your local Conservative, Rachel Maclean, on 8 June will strengthen our hand in negotiations to get the best possible deal for Brexit and beyond, leaving Britain stronger and better off for the future.


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