31 OCT 2016

Karen Lumley MP backs call to ensure those with diabetes admitted to hospital receive a foot risk assessment

Redditch MP Karen Lumley is backing a call by Diabetes UK for action to improve diabetes foot care for people with the condition admitted to hospital.

Figures show that in England hospitals are not giving foot checks to more than two thirds of people with diabetes on admission, despite this being recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

One in every six patients in hospitals in England has diabetes and should be getting a foot risk assessment on admission. Nationally, as only 29 per cent are actually having their feet checked by hospital staff, foot infections or ulcers can potentially be missed and develop unnoticed during their stay.

There are now more than 20 diabetes-related amputations a day in England, many of which could be prevented if the right foot care was in place.

Diabetes UK is urging NHS Trusts to review their current systems to improve the level of foot risk assessments carried out.

Karen said: "Diabetes UK has highlighted that the majority of people with diabetes are still not getting a foot risk assessment when they are admitted to hospital, or even at any point during their stay, despite this being a clear recommendation from NICE.

"It is worrying that such a simple measure which could identify those at risk and protect their feet while in hospital is, in many cases, not occurring."

Nikki Joule, Policy Manager at Diabetes UK, said: "We are pleased to have Karen's support on what is a very important issue. The NICE guidance has been shown to improve care, and have an impact on hospital acquired ulcers, reducing the length of stay and saving money."

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