03 NOV 2016

Brexit - Karen Lumley MP regrets decision of High Court that Parliament must vote to trigger Article 50

Redditch County MP Karen Lumley has reacted strongly today (Thursday, 3 November 2016) to news that the High Court has ruled MPs should vote to activate Article 50 to commence EU exit proceedings.

Remain supporters brought the case before the High Court and a statement is to be made to MPs on Monday, but Karen said: "The Remain campaign cannot and should not be fighting the will of the British people with more and more process. Attempts to derail, undermine or delay the exiting of the EU is a direct contradiction of the say of the British people, and this is unacceptable."

Karen added that the retention of jobs at Nissan, robust business investment and recent GDP figures were a vote of confidence from industry and consumers, which is good news for the UK economy and the economy of her Redditch constituency.

"Today's decision from the High Court threatens to sink the ship when it's heading home to port. This is why I believe the Government is right to appeal the decision of the High Court, which ruled in favour of those who do not want to see a flourishing Britain outside of the EU," she added.

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Important Message

Statement on Westminster attack


Following the attack on police and members of the public in central London yesterday (Wednesday, 22 March 2017), Karen Lumley, MP for Redditch County commented as follows:

"Yesterday was a very sad day for the people of our country, particularly in London, and my first thoughts are with those who were killed or injured and their families.

"Westminster is the seat of one of the oldest and most respected Governments in the world, and upholds values of free speech, liberty, human rights, and the rule of law – values shared by free people around the world. Amongst the bloodshed of yesterday, we must never waiver from our resolve to beat the terrorists.

"I, along with many MPs, actually knew PC Keith Palmer, the policeman who died, because he was often the first friendly face we would see when entering the Parliamentary estate. I often shared a morning joke with him. My deepest sympathies lie with his family and those of others killed or injured."

Karen was not in Parliament yesterday as she is currently still at home in Redditch recovering from her illness.


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